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Visit London and enjoy impredictable fun in the city!

Whether you decide to go on vacation to London or go for a weekend, we all want to do the maximum of things and we never have enough time to visit London as we should. And there are also things…

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Visit Dubai for glitz and glamour!

At first glance, one might think that Dubai is only a shopping and prestige destination. Yet Dubai is also full of cultural and architectural interests accessible even to smaller budgets. In this article, I propose you a list of places…

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Holidays in New York, the mighty American city

What about enjoying your vacation to book a stay in New York? City of infinite and varied wealth, the huge megalopolis of the eastern United States will allow you a change of scenery of every moment. You will enter the…

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Who would say no to Paris visit?

Nicknamed the “city of light” and perceived as the symbol of French culture, Paris is a magical city full of emblematic sites to discover. Moreover, every year millions of tourists flock to visit the French capital and visit its many…

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Tokyo, Japan: go to a far away destination and enjoy your stay

You are more and more numerous to visit the Japanese capital and you are right. Tokyo is a multifaceted and vibrant city full of things to do and places to discover. But what exactly to visit and what to do…

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