International real estate

The importance of real-estate agencies for holiday rentals?

This is the preferred mode of accommodation for tourists for their holidays, in front of the campsite, and the choice of rentals is expanding with the success of collaborative sites, which offer rentals between individuals. However, for the renter as…

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Where to invest abroad in real estate ?

Diversification, attractive prices, high returns … so many reasons to invest abroad in real estate. In recent years, investing abroad is attracting more and more French and is no longer limited to retirees wishing to enjoy the sun. Wondering where…

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Become an owner in Japan, it’s possible!

Kyôto was the historical capital of Japan for more than 1000 years before Tokyo took over. Located in Kansai, in the center of the main island of Honshu, its population is now around 1.5 million and the city remains the…

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What do rental prices look like in Global Cities?

London and Paris are often blamed for the high price of their homes. Yet, when compared to wages, some cities achieve record costs. At the top of the ranking is Hong Kong, where rent is 2.5 times higher. London The…

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