What do rental prices look like in Global Cities?

London and Paris are often blamed for the high price of their homes. Yet, when compared to wages, some cities achieve record costs. At the top of the ranking is Hong Kong, where rent is 2.5 times higher.


The first Western European city in this ranking remains London. An expatriate must pay 3,925 euros for housing in a three-room apartment. Visit www.for-sale.com/ if you want to learn further more information about properties to rent in the UK.


The Russian capital is now the most expensive city in the world from the point of view of tenants. For a three-piece, it took 4.971 euros per month on average in 2012. Moscow detracts Tokyo as a result of an insufficient housing supply, according to the 2013 barometer of ECA International. This study, which takes into account the neighborhoods and the type of housing sought by expatriates in more than 130 cities around the world, is intended for businesses and allows them to calculate the housing allowance they give to their expatriate employees.


The Japanese capital moves from first to third place and completes the 2013 podium, with a rent of € 4,476 per month, still for a three-piece.

Hong Kong

The most English-speaking Chinese city, fourth in this ranking, lost a place but rents remain still exorbitant: 4,238 euros per month.


The city-state wins a place in the list this year. A three-room apartment costs on average to rent for an expatriate 3.655 euros.


The capital of Colombia also earns a place in this ranking in the space of one year, with rents of 3,258 euros per month for expatriates. It is also the second most expensive city in South America after Caracas (2nd).

San Francisco

The American agglomeration, famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, is the most expensive city in the United States for expats: 2,886 euros per month for a three-room apartment.


The Swiss city loses two places this year. Rents for expatriates nevertheless remain at a high level: 2,831 euros per month.

New York

Big Apple is the second US city in this list and is in the top 10 of 2013 (the city was 12th last year), with monthly rents of 2.806 euros for a three-piece.


Paris is, unsurprisingly, the most expensive French city for expatriate employees. Renting a three-room apartment in the French capital is worth an average of 2,300 euros per month (+ 3% compared to 2011). More surprisingly, despite this increase in rents, the city lost eight places in the world rankings and is now in 22nd position.
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