The importance of real-estate agencies for holiday rentals?

This is the preferred mode of accommodation for tourists for their holidays, in front of the campsite, and the choice of rentals is expanding with the success of collaborative sites, which offer rentals between individuals. However, for the renter as for the tenant, the professional agency keeps its advantages…

More expensive at registration

The rental sites between individuals have for them the great facility of registration and the commissions very reduced – it is generally the tenant who pays them, since they are added to the amount of the hiring, while the owner does not pay that of meager fees or booking, depending on the sites. Registering your home in a traditional agency actually costs more: 20 to 30% of the rental amount, according to the agencies. Check and learn more about properties for rent.

But less fees to predict…

In return, the agency takes care of everything: find tenants, manage the calendar, ensure transitions, or even cleaning, the delivery of keys … the packages are more or less expensive depending on the number of services provided, and agencies now offer, to meet the needs of tenants, real private concierge services, very complete. They will include all fees.

More trust

When you rent your home on sites between individuals, they offer insurance (it will not always be easy to play in case of problems) and a tenant audit that is primarily to ask them to scan their identity documents, to fill in their details and their means of payment. You do not know them, but you leave them your home … you will have to rely on the comments of other Internet users, when the vacationers have some, to reassure you! An agency, which employs professionals with bad surprises, is better able to realize that a tenant is “at risk”. He can refuse to rent him if necessary, and in any case he takes the necessary guarantees: not only identity and insurance checks, but also the signing of a contract, an inventory … It is a real job, a tedious one, it must be done every week or every two weeks: this justifies the higher price of the agency. In addition, he can take care of any small problems during the stay: it is the one who talks to the tenant…

Guaranteed bookings 

In addition, the agency attracts tenants by its own means (advertising, network, website, ads …): you do not have to worry about putting your offer forward, to advertise and find vacationers! Obviously, before entrusting a management mandate to an agency, always check that it has the experience of seasonal rentals, that it does not always have the same offers in window, and especially that it has a showcase internet – indispensable today!
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