Visit Dubai for glitz and glamour!

Published on : 14 July 20213 min reading time

At first glance, one might think that Dubai is only a shopping and prestige destination. Yet Dubai is also full of cultural and architectural interests accessible even to smaller budgets. In this article, I propose you a list of places not to be missed during a visit to Dubai. What to occupy you for a few days without breaking the bank.

Getting lost in the souks

There are many souks in Dubai. Among the most famous, we find the souk of gold, that of spices, or the souk of perfumes. All three are located in Deira, on the north shore of the creek. It will be an opportunity to board abra (traditional wooden boat) to get there. The souks will fill your eyes and nostrils. After, free to you to buy a gold necklace or not.

Visit the Dubai Museum

Even if you do not want to visit the museum, it’s still worth going to see it from the outside because yes, the museum is housed in Fort Al Fahidi, the oldest monument in Dubai dating from the eighteenth century. Nice, no? And if you have an hour in front of you, admission to the museum costs only 3 dirhams (€ 0.75). Inside, you will discover exhibitions on traditional life in Dubai before the economic boom. You will also see how the emirate has evolved in just a few decades to become what it is today. It is an ideal tour if you are traveling with children.

See Big Things at Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

When going to Dubai, it’s hard to miss the Burj Khalifa. At a height of 829 meters, it is the highest tower in the world and majestically dominates the city. If your flight arrives during the day, you will surely have the chance to see it from your porthole. To get there once in town, it’s simple: a metro stop is named after him. Besides, do not hesitate to read my little metro guide who will tell you everything to organize your trips. Coming out of the metro, you will first go through the Dubai Mall, which is simply the largest shopping center in the world. Ba yes … Why do you small when you can do big? The Dubai Mall is one of the few shopping centers that can be visited. Inside, you can see fountains do you want here, attend ice hockey training, discover the underwater life through a huge aquarium, and so on.

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