Tokyo, Japan: go to a far away destination and enjoy your stay

You are more and more numerous to visit the Japanese capital and you are right. Tokyo is a multifaceted and vibrant city full of things to do and places to discover. But what exactly to visit and what to do in Tokyo when we have only a few days on the spot?

Visit Yanaka Ginza, the old Tokyo

There’s nothing like a visit of Yanaka Ginza to make a return in time. Welcome to the Tokyo of the 30s, where nothing has really changed. Between the small shops, the temples, the old cemetery and the sweet sellers, you will have a great time in Yanaka Ginza.

Drink a Starbucksin front of the Crossing

Which more emblematic place of the Japanese capital than the famous Crossing of Shibuya? But if you know: the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world! Impressive when you go there for the first time, it is surrounded by buildings and is not far from the famous statue of Hachiko. A well located Starbucks allows you to observe the Crossing while sipping a coffee. Enjoy!

O-Hanami at Yoyogi Park

Japan in April offers many wonders. Among these: Sakura bloom, cherry blossoms. The entire Japanese archipelago then takes on beautiful pale pink colors, and the Japanese go out to water the arrival of spring in large picnics. In Tokyo, it is Yoyogi Park that the atmosphere is the craziest.

Eat sushi at the Tsukiji market

If you are going to visit Tokyo, it is essential to taste good sushi. And the best in the capital is without a doubt where the fish is the coolest: at the Tsukiji market, the largest fish market in the world. After strolling between the stalls, queue up for one of the restaurants on the market and enjoy!

Breathe in Rikugien Park

Did you know that Tokyo has some of the most beautiful parks and gardens on the planet? Meet at the Rikugien located in the district of Sugamo. This typically Japanese-style garden will delight you with its poem-inspired landscapes that you can admire while sipping traditional matcha tea.

Seeking good fortune at Senso-Ji

The most famous temple in Tokyo and perhaps even Japan: the Senso-Ji in Asakusa! A classic tourist circuit, it is now one of the most visited places in Tokyo. It’s difficult to avoid the crowd when you want to buy an Omikuji and know his good fortune. Go at night, it’s even more beautiful and there is nobody.

Climb to the Roppongi Hills Observatory

There are several observatories to observe the city of Tokyo from above. Here is my favorite: the observatory of Roppongi Hills. Located in the neighborhood of the same name, access to the top of the tower allows, for 15 euros, to get a breathtaking view of Tokyo and a visit to the expo of the moment, also located at the top of the tower. At night, it’s even nicer!
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