The Spanish Steps in Rome

It would be most likely that the Spanish Steps were located in either Madrid or Barcelona in Spain, but it is to be found in the Italian capital Rome. Here you can read about why it got its name. In Italian the Spanish Steps is called “Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti” and was completed in 1725. It was built and paid for by a French diplomat called Entienne Gueffier and who reportedly was tired of walking the long steep road from Piazza di Spagna and up to the church Trinita dei Monti. Entienne Gueffier died in 1660 and in his testament he had decided to pay for the construction of the 138 steps from Piazza di Spagna and up to the church. But the Spanish Steps was not completed until 85 years after Entienne Gueffier died. At the end, the Spanish Steps have nothing to do with Spain other than they are situated on The Spanish Square. And the square, which Italian name is Piazza di Spagna, is named that way because the Spanish Embassy was situated here many years ago. That being said, The Spanish Steps are today one of Rome’s most visited attractions and every day thousands of tourists pass by to take a photo of the stairs and the beautiful fountain built by Bernini. Beside the Spanish Steps you will find the Metro station Spagna, which quickly connects you with the rest of the city.
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