Piazza Navona in Rome

Going on a city break to Rome? Would you like to feel the authentic Roman atmosphere, then you must visit Piazza Navona, which is located in the heart of Rome near the Pantheon. Here you will find the real Roman atmosphere and the many artists and painters who are located at one end of the square, give Piazza Navona its own unique charm. Small restaurants and bars are located along the entire space and here you can enjoy a cold drink while enjoying the Italian lifestyle. Piazza Navona is elongated and shaped like a racetrack and that is why it is unique. In the old days it was a statium and was called Circo Agonale. It was mainly used as a racecourse of the upper class, but also other sports took place. Still, one can easily imagine the ancient Roman chariot riding around Piazza Navona. There are three fountains in the square, which is unusual and therefore another reason that the square is unique. Right in the middle of the square you will find the famous Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, which in English is called Fountain of the four Rivers. There is held many events at the square throughout the year and at Christmas time you can enjoy a large Christmas market in Piazza Navona. So, if Christmas is spent in Rome, visit the market.
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