The Maxxi Museum : A prize-winning museum in the centre of Rome

Published on : 14 July 20212 min reading time

It’s less than a year since the opening of the Maxxi Museum in Rome’s Flaminio district, which is dedicated to 21st Century art and the museum’s architect Zaha Hadid has wonthe UK’s Stirling Prize for architecture.

The award was presented to London-based Zaha Hadid Architects for its contribution to British architecture; Architect Zaha Hadid took 10 years to perfect the project. The Maaxi was odd’s on favorite to win the Riba Sterling Prize from the start; now in its 15th year, the Prize awards the creators of the best new European building built or designed in Britain.

The building appears modest from the exterior; the creator has saved the most uplifting experience for the interior with its curved walls, which in one moment become floors and in others look to become part of the ceiling, the overall result reminds one of a futuristic highway. Also astonishing is Maaxi’s roof of skylights, louvers and beams. The overall affect creates the most amazing canvas for the wonderful works of art that are exhibited here.

The museum is dedicated to both architecture and art of the 21st century; don’t expect to find a museum crammed with works, it’s not nearly full up yet, but we still have a long way to go and much art to create before we reach the end of the 21st century. Still the museum houses works from some of the centuries most formidable artists: Anish Kapoor, Gerhard Richter and Francesco Clemente, and a collection of archives from architects such as Carlo Scarpa Aldo Rossi and Pier Luigi Nervi.

From the outset the project was a risk, the conservative city of Rome has never been one to publically back or fund projects of such a futuristic nature. But the Maaxi has triumphed and brings a breath of fresh air to Rome’s more staid and historical museum set.

The museum is situated on the Via Guido Reni, 10. The website offers more information about current exhibitions, lectures and events, visit:

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