Placing your money in buildings has never been so present in the minds of French investors. A true guarantee of security for some, it is undeniably one of the pillars of a wealth creation.


Nantes is the rising star of the rankings of cities where to invest. On the podium for several years, the city of the Dukes is at the top of the list for the year 2019. Labeled European Green Capital, it is above all a city where life is good. And its location in the hexagon is for many: within reasonable distance of the capital and near the ocean! Outstanding historical and cultural heritage, student city par excellence, it is increasingly popular thanks to major urban development projects that will make Nantes a city of the future.


The dynamics of the Toulouse real estate market continues. European capital of the space and aeronautics industry, 4th French commune in number of inhabitants, Toulouse is in perpetual transformation to rejuvenate a part of its aging property stock. Over the last ten years, Toulouse has welcomed no less than 60,000 people, and this demographic trend is not about to run out of steam. The Capital of Rugby is about to dethrone Lyon by 2020 reaching 500,000 inhabitants. And unlike its Lyon, Paris or Marseille counterparts, Toulouse is not cramped and is currently the largest municipality in the region.  A highly active employment pool in high-tech sectors, Toulouse has developed a quality university offer to satisfy the demand for skilled labor, and more than 100,000 students have taken up residence there.


As for the city of Nantes, Rennes goes back a place in the ranking of the 10 cities to invest in 2019. Indeed, and this is confirmed from year to year, the city continues to metamorphose and has nothing to envy other cities in this ranking. Less than 1h30 from Paris, the city of Rennes is a prime location between beaches and iconic tourist sites (Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo etc.). And yes, because Rennes is not only a pleasant living environment, it is also a real pool of employment. Labeled French Tech, it attracts many digital companies, including some start-ups that are no longer present (Regionsjob, Kelbillet, Aladom …), but also major headquarters such as those of Ubisoft Entertainment, governance France 3, a factory of the PSA group … And it is also one of the major sites in Europe for R & D (research and development) in the fields of agribusiness, biology and health.


No need to make presentations, she was recently the city most popular with real estate investors. It has already been repeated enough, so it’s useless to talk about its ideal location, in the middle of the vineyards and between the ocean and the mountains, which make this city the symbol of the French way of life. No need either to put a layer on the beauty of Bordeaux architecture, nor to emphasize its proximity to Paris at 2 hours since the recent introduction of LGV (High Speed ​​Line).


And if the goose that had the golden eggs was in the Christmas capital? Emblem of European construction, must-see tourist site (the city center is fully inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO) and student city with an international dimension, Strasbourg is a city of the future immersed in important urban development projects. development. By bike or public transport, it is very nice to discover this city of a thousand and one charms. Botanical gardens and family green spaces, landscaped wharfs and remarkable buildings (Palais des Rohan, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Caveau Hotel …), is the perfect balance between the energy of the big cities and the tranquility of our peaceful provinces.


As we have said (and repeated enough!), Bordeaux is the second most popular French city after the capital. It is therefore natural that this real estate craze also affects the agglomerations of its immediate area. It is true that with soaring property prices in Bordeaux, it was urgent to find alternatives. And the Right Bank has managed to pull out of the game.

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