Advantages of turning an apartment into a seasonal rental

Renting your second home a good part of the year seems more and more tempting. The success of seasonal rentals or short term rentals in the four corners of France and the planet is for many.

Why rent your second home?

Homeowners who rent out their second home usually aspire to generate additional income. It is mainly to cover operating expenses (water, electricity, heating, housing tax, property tax, condominium fees if existing …). It may also cover maintenance costs (garden, minor repairs), loan annuities and works. Some owners also see in the rental the opportunity to afford a holiday in another place (a place often more exotic than they do not know). Finally, those who love contacts, consider the seasonal rental activity as a great opportunity to meet often interesting and get to know their region better.

What would your expectations be?

If you are already convinced of the interest of renting your second home, I invite you to identify the nature and the amount of the expenses that you would like to cover by rental income. In addition, how many weeks would you be willing to rent your second home? 4 weeks? , 3 months? 6 months or more? Could you easily set a year-round schedule of available and unavailable periods? In some cases, it will not be necessary to lease for a long time to “erase” recurring operating costs. If your property is located in a seaside or a famous ski resort, high weekly prices will allow you to reach your goals quickly. Conversely, if your home or apartment is in a less desirable area on a touristic as well as economic, you will probably spend a longer period to rent. Anyway, the cursor is in your hands. It’s up to you to define the right balance between the desired income and the length of the periods available for rent.

What administrative steps are needed to rent your house/apartment?

If the potential obstacles identified in the previous paragraph do not scare you, then you are ready to take action! Here are the 3 administrative steps that must be followed to rent a second home:

Check the condo regulations

This point only concerns those who have second homes that are part of a condominium. It will be important to ensure that the condo rules do not prohibit “seasonal rentals”. This activity is prohibited since the clause “exclusively bourgeois residence” appears in the co-ownership regulations.

Declare your property in “furnished tourism” with the town hall

Declare your property in “furnished tourism” with the town hall. This step is compulsory, whatever the municipality, to any person who wishes to rent his second home. You can download the document online and send it to your town hall or do it directly on site. Otherwise, the owner will have to pay a fine of 450 €.

Request a temporary change of use authorization

The furnished rental activity is a commercial activity. As such, your home must be temporarily converted into a “commercial” to be rented. This request must be made to the town hall.

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