The Campo dei Fiori Market in Rome

Visitors to Rome often get so caught up in visiting monument after monument that they don’t get a chance to experience Roman local life, or enjoy other typical holiday pastimes, like visiting a local market. One such market, and probably Rome’s most picturesque, is the Campo dei Fiori Market. The Campo dei Fiori Market is situated in its namesake Campo Dei Fiori Piazza (square), which can be found near the Piazza Navona, close to the Regola and Parione districts. Translated Campo dei Fiori means ‘field of flowers’ and was so named as the neighbourhood was once an ancient meadow of flowers. The wonderful colourful piazza is now full of life, colour and hustle and bustle; the market is held every morning, except Sunday, and has been doing so since the 18th century. It’s a great place to get sucked into the Rome’s neighbourhood atmosphere; as locals visit the Campo dei Fiori Market daily to stock up on local fresh food and produce, such as fruit, vegetables, cheeses, meats, pates, of course pasta, and pasta sauces are also readily on offer. Around the square there are also delicatessens and bakers shops where you can buy some delicious, freshly baked bread to go with your pate or Italian cheese purchase. If you are coming to buy and not just peruse there are some unspoken rules to purchasing in an Italian food market that you better keep in mind. They include: Don’t touch the merchandise, unless you want to harangued by the vendor; bring your own bag and forget trying to barter, this is not the place to do it. Finally always buy from the vendor with the longest queue, because invariably their produce is better than any other! If you are staying in a holiday apartment in Rome then the Campo dei Fiori Market is the place to come and buy ingredients to conjure up a typical Roman meal of your own. Fancy a break to Italy’s capital city? Check out the GlobalCityBreak holiday apartments in Rome section.
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