Tapeo de Cervantes is, according to the world’s largest travel site TripAdvisor the best restaurant in Malaga. But can the tourists really rely on TripAdvisors reviews? We paid a visit to the popular tapasbar to find out. TripAdvisor is one of the websites we often use when we are looking for a good restaurant on holiday. Good reviews on TripAdvisor are an added value that results in increased profit for restaurants. Lately TripAdvisor has been the subject of fake reviews and the British watchdog ASA recently forced the company to remove their slogan, “Reviews you can trust”, from their website. This led to a discussion about the sincerity of the many opinions on the site. Tapeo de Cervantes is the best restaurant in Malaga and has 447 reviews on TripAdvisor (and most of them are very good). Jus to compare, the second best restaurant has only 41 reviews. This fact seemed a bit suspicious. But after a visit to Tapeo de Cervantes, we can confirm that the positive reviews on TripAdvisor are correct. Tapeo de Cervantes is located right in the heart of Malaga next to Teatro de Cervantes and seats 28 diners. The restaurant is cosy, charming and maybe a bit too tiny. The tapas bar is run by an Argentine who speaks several languages and the service is excellent. The restaurant offers several classic Spanish dishes such as Tortilla, Croquetas, Jamon y Queso, but also some creative traditional dishes. Whether you choose one or another, the food is excellent. Tapeo de Cervantes offers tapas, half or whole portions and it is highly recommended to choose tapas, as this allows you to try several different dishes. We also recommend a glass of red wine with the tapas. The restaurant is very popular among tourists because it is ranked as #1 on TripAdvisor and the environment is very international. There were no locals present when we visited Tapeo de Cervantes – not a single one. That could be because the prices are higher than a normal tapas bar in the centre of Malaga and because the size of the restaurant doesn’t appeal to the locals’ way of meeting. Tapeo de Cervantes meets the requirements of tourists and that is why the restaurant is popular. Here you can get an extraordinary meal and quality at very reasonable prices. And finally Tapeo de Cervantes has managed to use the world’s largest travel site TripAdvisor, as a unique source to achieve more clients. Tapeo de Cervantes is a must if you are visiting Malaga for the first time.

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