Are you visiting Malaga city and would you like to eat like the locals? Don’t miss out La Campana – a local tapas bar, which offers the typical Malaga-style fried fish. La Campana is situated in the heart of Malaga’s old city and is one, among several, where the locals prefer enjoying tapas, grabbing a beer and of course also watching football. Like it or no, but the TV is a part of the Spanish life style and it doesn’t mean, that you are visiting a sports bar, as it might be considered in other countries! The specialty in La Campana is mariscos (seafood). Like it is common in Andalusia, most of the dishes are offered deep-fried. We strongly suggest to try “Las Gambas” (prawns), this is one the most popular choices among the guests in the bar and we bet you will have the same opinion. Other recommendations are Calamars (Squid), Calamaritos (baby squids), tortillitas de camarones (shrimp omelette) and Berenjenas con miel (aubergine with honey). Whatever you decide to order, then fried fish is usually accompanied with a cold glass of beer or white vine. The prices at La Campana are very reasonable and anyone can afford eating here. Even more, due to the democratic prices and a Spanish way of eating tapas, then you will be able to try many kind of specialties. We also suggest trying a glass of vino dulce (sweet vine) for dessert. You will see the barrels of sweet vine just in front of you and it will be served straight from the barrels. Try the authentic sweet vines from Malaga. La Campana can be crowded and most of the time it is impossible to be seated. So be prepared to stand up or enjoy your meal in the bar and remember to speak loudly to get the waiters attention. If you need some good advice about norms in a Spanish tapas bar, then read our blog post “What is Tapas” And please also remember that Tapas is not just food, it is a way of lifestyle. If you fancy a local experience then visit La Campana at Calle Granada 35.

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