Taberna Cofrade is a theme tapas bar in the heart of Malaga specializing in Holy Week. The restaurant is a little hidden treasure uniquely decorated with hundreds of small things related to Holy Week and we can highly recommend enjoying a tapa or two to the sound of Easter tones. Taberna Cofrade Las Merchanas is located on Calle Mosquera 5, incidentally the only tavern on the street, and it is in many ways a special and unique tapas bar. Taberna Cofrade, as it is called by the locals, has combined its passion for Holy Week with classic Spanish food and it has been a hit especially among the locals. When we refer to the tapas bar as a treasure, this is because it is relatively new and is located on a small street, where it can be difficult to find. For this reason it is not overrun with tourists and it is still a good typical Spanish tapas bar with a local atmosphere. The cuisine is Spanish, offering very good food at very reasonable prices. We can especially recommend the famous croquetas, which are made using the recipe of the owner’s grandmother, and you should definitely also order a Montadito de Pringá. The menu offers plenty of other good tapas dishes and two people can easily get a good meal. But what makes La Taberna Cofrade Las Merchanas unique is its Easter theme. In southern Spain Easter is an old tradition. Thousands of people visit Malaga during Holy Week and for many locals Semana Santa, as Holy Week is called in Spanish, is part of the lifestyle. Taberna Cofrade basically offers a Holy Week museum and while you eat your food, you can enjoy the beautiful decorations and if you do not know anything about Semana Santa, then you can watch the video in the restaurant. If you are looking for a local atmosphere, then we can recommend visiting this austere little tapas bar in the heart of Malaga, which offers good food, a Holy Week atmosphere and a charming little patio where you can enjoy a cold beer and some tapas.

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