Malaga is on track to create a brand new attractive port. This is good news for both the locals and the many cruise visitors who come to visit the city. Malaga’s mayor believes that Malaga soon will be able to compete with Barcelona in many ways. We can’t compare Malaga with Barcelona, but there are a few similar aspects. Both cities offer you the opportunity to spend a city break near the beach and then both have their own Spanish charm. Of course Barcelona still has to been seen in a larger scale. For many years, Malaga’s port has been closed area for the public and many found it difficult to understand why nothing was done. The city council decided a long time ago to do something and some parts of the new harbor in Malaga is ready and they have done a fine job. Every second day in the summer Malaga gets a visit from a cruise ship carrying between 500 and 4000 people. That gives Malaga lots of tourists and of course the city benefits from that economically. The port of Malaga is located just a few minutes walk from the city centre and it is very easy to integrated into city life. The harbor has been beautiful designed with a lovely promenade with restaurants, playgrounds, gardens and the plan is to plant a total of 1000 palm trees. The first part of the project is finished and they are currently working on the next part, which will be the shopping area. The idea of bringing the harbor and the city together seems to have succeeded the best possible way. The project is still not finalized, but it’s still worth to visit the beautiful new waterfront.

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