An amazing firework tonight will inaugurate Feria de Malaga 2012. The city is looking forward to nine days celebration with plenty of typical Spanish activities as flamenco, bullfights, wine, concerts and lots of happy people. Malaga Fair is better known as La Feria de Malaga and for many locals, the Fair is the most awaited event of the whole year. The economic crisis and unemployment rate of 25% is forgotten for a while. During the Feria, Malaga city centre transforms into a huge festival where attractions take place all day. During the night The Fair takes place in Cortijo de Torres square, located just about 4 km from the Malaga city centre. During the day, the centre of Malaga is transformed into a festival and the streets are filled with kits, youngsters, mid aged and even older people. On every corner you will find a restaurant, bar or just a place where you can buy a cold beer or a refreshing glass of “Tinto de Verano”. The lively and very contagious atmosphere will make everyone throw away their inhibitions and burst into song and dance. La Feria de Malaga (in the city centre) usually starts around 11.00 AM and continues until 18.00 PM. Late afternoon the party continues at Cortijo de Torres beside Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Malaga where you can enjoy the tipical Spanish Fiesta all night long. You can reach Cortijo de Torres by bus directly from the city centre. Cortijo de Torres is a huge square with a big amusement park and a lot of tents situated in rows. Thetents are called “Casetas” and there you will find a wide variety of food and drinks. Some “Casetas” offers free Paella and you just have to buy your drinks. The Casetas turns into crowdie party places step by step and you can dance, drink and eat all night long and there are plenty of opportunities to experience real Spanish culture. The Malaga Fair 2012 also offers bullfights every day in the arena La Malagueta close to the city centre. It is a great opportunity to see some of Spain’s best bullfighters like El Juli, El Fandi and the local Javier Conde. Feria is a special event in every Spanish city. The local ladies are wearing the beautiful flamenco dresses and you can even see some dance Flamenco in the streets. And remember to try the local wine Cartojal, which has become a sort of symbol of La Feria de Malaga. Enjoy !

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