The biggest event of the year in Malaga starts on Friday the 12th August 2011 with a spectacular firework and then the city is ready the Fair in the centre and just outside the city centre for nine days in a row. The heart of the city is transformed into a big festival with dance, music, Cartojal and lots of happy people. As it is tradition the Fair starts mid-August and right now the city is preparing all the last details and all around people are working hard to get it all ready. Beer, water, soft drinks and the local wine Cartojal is brought to stores in Malaga, to be sure that there is enough for everybody. San Miguel is Malaga’s local beer and their big tent at Plaza de la Constitucion is ready. The beer taps are all set up and are just waiting to be used. The main street, Calle Larios, is as always beautifully dressed up with garlands all over and at the end of the street you will find the two major biznaga flowers. Saturday at noon it all starts in the centre of Malaga and every year lots of tourists comes to Malaga to join the big party with all the fun-loving Andaluces. Like all previous years, the streets will be packed and restaurants and bars will without any doubt earn extra this week. Companies that are based in Malaga city centre are normally closed during the Fair, while the shops usually close at 14.00. There will be lots of concerts and other events in Malaga and by respect for the residents that lives in Malaga, the celebrating stops in the heart of the city at 18.00 and people will withdraw to the bars. When the party ends in the city centre, then it is moved just outside of Malaga at the Cortijo de Torres. You can easily get a bus from the city centre to Plaza de la Feria. Here you will find a huge square with lots of tents where you can enjoy flamenco and eat and drink till very late. For the adventurous there is a large amusement park and every night there are concerts as well. A little tip might be to visit El Real de la Feria around 14.00. Many places serve free food if you buy drinks and there a very good opportunity to try the Spanish national dish Paellla. We still have a few holiday apartments in Malaga available if you will like to come.

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