How to rent a home the right way?

The rental of house can concern either the rental of main home or the holiday one and thus be of long duration or of short one. Whatever the form of the rental, it is about a link between an owner and a renter according to regulations and laws. Visit for more about housing property rental.

House rental: how to rent your main home?

In your search for a rental home to dwell in for an indefinite period of time, the main question to ask is what house type do you need: an empty or a furnished one? Usually, going for a home as your main dwelling means you’d opt for an unfurnished house, the other type is sought after by vacationers. The lease and the rights to it are different whether it is an empty house rental or a furnished house rental. Regarding the empty rental lease, it must be written in writing and delivered to each of the signatory parties: owner, tenant, flatmate, guarantor, etc …). This lease of house rental contains all information relating to the rights and duties of each party, housing and rent and is the reference contract between each party. Be very careful about each clause and description.

Rent house: how to rent a vacation rental?

Renting a house can indeed be synonymous with holidays! In this case, it is necessarily a rental house furnished. It is a short-term lease that governs this type of lease. This lease contracts the relationship between the landlord and the tenant and details, for the duration mentioned the different rights and duties of both parties, the full description of the rented house and its furniture, as well as the rent per week. The legal and tax regulations related to seasonal rental is different from that of conventional rental. In addition, vacation rentals are much higher than conventional rentals. These are usually rents per week (not per month as part of a main house rental) and prices during the holiday seasons are indeed quite expensive. This is the law of supply and demand, very strong on these holiday periods.

Cheap house rentals: how to find a cheap home?

The main difference between a house rental and an apartment rental lies in the often higher rent when housing is a home. The criteria of a house are obviously different from an apartment. A garden or even a tiny space outside is the main advantage of a house compared to an apartment although an apartment for rent can have beautiful terraces or balconies.

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