Casa Aranda in Malaga offers the best Churros in town! If you have no idea what Churros are, then check out this article and get an overview of one of Spain’s proud food traditions. In December Casa Aranda will celebrate its 80 years birthday and the bar is undoubtedly one of Malaga’s most famous and authentic places to eat churros. It is very popular among locals and here they usually drink their morning or afternoon coffee accompanied with Churros. Casa Aranda consists of two bars, several small indoor rooms and plenty of chairs and tables that are set up in the narrow street. Every day the place is crowded and in the afternoon it can be more than difficult to get a table, but it is worth waiting for it. The waiters, dressed in white coats, are extremely efficient and will gladly help you find a suitable table or help you order. Churros are a kind of pastry; 20 – 25 cm long, made from the ingredients of milk, salt, flour, eggs and sugar fried in olive oil. Making Churros is not as easy as it looks and Casa Aranda of course has their own secret recipe. Churros are usually eaten in the morning or in the afternoon around 18.00 and the classic way of eating Churros are dipping them into hot chocolate. The chocolate of course, is like the Churros, prepared in the classic Casa Aranda manner. It is quite common, among the younger generation in Spain, to eat Chocolate and Churros, when they are heading home early in the morning after a night out. If you are on a city break in Malaga, then we can recommend a visit to Casa Aranda and remember to try Los Churros – you will not regret it. The price for a cup of coffee, a cup of hot chocolate and five Churros are approximately € 5.00. Casa Aranda is located right in the heart of the city close to the local market Atarazanas on Calle Herrería del Rey 3, 29005 Malaga. It is open from 08.00AM – 13.00PM and again in the afternoon from 17.00PM – 21.00PM

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