As many of you prepare for or have just returned from your annual holiday, it’s likely that you will have got yourself into a bit of lather about those extra holiday costs that you hadn’t budgeted for: the speedy booking, airport parking and the taxi to the resort at the other end. To ensure that your holiday stays as low budget as possible, it’s really important to write a list beforehand of all possible extra costs and look at ways of cutting them.Globalcitybreak offers 10 ways to cut your holiday costs, make sure you jot them down for next year!
  1. Skip the speedy boarding: Priority boarding is a nice luxury, but if you are booking a no-frills, budget airline, then it is likely that you are looking for the most economic way to get to your destination. Speedy boarding will get you on the plane faster, but not to your destination any faster and for a family of four you can be nearly £100 worse off before you have even arrived!
  2. Take a free drink on board: Ok so you can’t take bottles of liquid through the airport security checks, but you can take an empty plastic bottle and fill it up before boarding. Food and drink at the airport and on board can seriously affect your wallet!
  3. Take a pack lunch: And following on from the free drink. Taking a pack lunch with you to the airport can save you your holiday cash. Buying lunch at the airport or on board will eat away at your hard earned holiday savings, which are best saved for that lovely beach bar meal that you have been longing for.
  4. Always pay in local currency: If your using a credit card to withdraw money whilst you are away, make sure you always choose the option to pay in the local currency; which generally works out cheaper than your banks rate.
  5. Fee-free shopping: Most credit cards will charge you a foreign exchange rate when you make purchases abroad. Usually 2-3 per cent. Pre-paid cards such as The Post Office, Saga and Halifax offer no charge on transactions. Check out www.which.co.uk/advice/prepaid-cards
  6. Buy sun cream before you leave: According to a ‘Which’ survey, the best and most economical sun creams are purchased from Sainsbury’s or Asda. So don’t leave home without your sun protection.
  7. Holiday Insurance: Many people are opting out of holiday insurance to save on money. However, saving a minimal amount by cutting out the insurance could end in disaster if something happens. If you take more than two holidays a year then look at taking out an annual holiday insurance, which works out much more economical. If you do just want single-cover then check online and compare prices before you settle for the airline or travel agent insurance.
  8. Check baggage in online: Gone are the days when the price of your flight included your hand luggage, meals, etc. Now anything apart from your own self that boards the plane, boards with a cost. Always remember to check in your luggage online. The cost of checking in your luggage at the airport with both Ryanair and Easy Jet doubles, compared to booking it in online.
  9. Check out the local public transport: On arrival, many tourists choose to head directly to the taxi rank to get to their final destination. Taxis are expensive at anytime, but picking them up from the airport means you are going to be paying ‘tourist’ rates. Do some research and check out the local transport services at your destination. Most European destinations will have a train or bus that will take you to local resorts and towns and will end up saving you money and won’t stress you out knowing that you have just been ripped off!
  10. Be adventurous: You go on holiday to get away from it all and you end up eating and drinking in the local ‘Brit bar’, why do we do this? It costs more and you won’t get a chance to savour the local cuisine and culture. When you are searching for a good place to eat, here is a good tip: look for a bar or restaurant that is packed with locals, not foreigners, this is a good indication that the place serves good food at good value.
One final tip: Booking a package holiday in a hotel can often work out costly, be inflexible and include services that you are unlikely to use. Renting a holiday apartment is often a much more economical and flexible option for your holiday. Globalcitybreak is a specialist in holiday apartments in Málaga, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Berlin. We can help you with your itinerary and recommend you the best sights, attractions and places to eat, drink and shop in the local area.

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