What are the characteristics and virtues of ruby ​​stone?

Rubies are exceptional family class of natural rocks made of hard aluminum oxide and the third hardest gemstone after diamond and moissanite. The name ruby originates from the word ruber, a Latin name for red. The color comes from the element of chromium. It occurs in hexagonal form, and its color variety includes red, blood orange, and reddish-pink and occasionally found in green or blue types. The hardness, resilience, glance, and rareness makes the stone the most desirable natural stone jewellery. The level of cut, color, transparency, and carat weight of the gemstone determines its value and quality. The brightest and most expensive type is the shade of red called pigeon blood or blood-red; a clear stone will attract a higher premium. There are different types of these precious stones, Burmese, Star, Pigeon’s Blood, and Sunrise. Rubies crystals must be highly transparent to obtain gem value. For years the gems have been mined, collected, traded, cherished, and used in fashion, such as to adorn weapons and in the chainmail of high priests. Ruby stone is irrefutably among the most attractive natural stones. The crimson light that finely interweaves with the dim shadows gives it a delicate glow that everyone craves. For years, it has been used as a natural stone jewellery, in forms that include rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. In some cultures, the gem is considered to be related to the Sun. For this reason, it is widely known as the nobles’ gemstone. The different characteristics and nature of occurrence categorize the stone.

Metaphysical, Chemical and Color Properties

Rubies (Al2O3) have a hardness with a Mohs rating of 9 in mineral hardness because they are the gem form of the Corundum. At the same time, Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, which is one of the most potent minerals on earth. Corundum is also a source of sapphires. It is believed to stimulate Love, nurtures health, knowledge, and wealth. It is related to enhanced energy and concentration, loyalty, creativity, honor, and sympathy. It is a protective measure of homes, belongings, and family. It is culturally associated with bringing spiritual wisdom while protecting against psychic attacks. It is also referred to as red sapphire and is part of corundum species. The chromium gives it its red color. The red type is the only color variety rarely found in sapphire. Like sapphire, substantial deposits exist in the Eastern and Southern Africa, Australia, China, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia compared to years when it was mainly found in Burma, now Myanmar. Most deposits are still working in the primary way they have always worked for centuries. They are picked from river beds and separated by hand from the other distinctive minerals around them. They are dull, greasy-looking stones in their natural coarse form. However, when sliced and refined, as compared to diamonds, their high gleam is dazzling, and their vibrant red color is pleochroic, i.e., its color fluctuates when viewed from different directions. It may have zoisite crystals within it, and these deposits are found in Tanzania, typically displaying a green color with pink and red inclusions. The combination with kyanite extracted in Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, and India. It usually has a mottled pink and red with teal and green.

Nature, Imperfections, Mode of Treatment, Asterism, and Chatoyancy

this gem can exist in natural and synthetic forms, with the first synthesis done in 1902. Most natural stones occurring in their natural environments have various levels of imperfections in them, including color impurities and silk, better referred to as needles. More often than not, scientists depend on these needles to define the genuineness of the gem. In the past high-quality untreated rubies were highly sold for a large sum. However, it is crucial to treat most rubies today before setting a sale. The treatment disbands the needle presences and produces a purer, brighter stone. They are either dyed, heated, or by filling fractures with lead glass to increase transparency. Lower quality rubies are occasionally treated with heat to increase their transparency and make the color more pronounced. Rarely are dyed rubies. The method of dyeing varies by source, vendor, and the technology used. Usually occurs when placing porous gemstones in vats of dye-containing natural or vegetable dyes. Organic pigments and Chemical salts may be categorical put to use. To allow for the dye to fully penetrate the natural stones producing a uniform color on the surface, they soak for several weeks. Rubies are definitely by definition red due to the trace amounts of the chromium element, all the same, this red observed can vary. When cut into a cabochon, they may show an internal, star-like formation called asterism. These are known as star rubies and rarity; they are more valuable than natural rubies. Occasionally, they display color change and chatoyancy; this is an optical reflectivity that is brought by the material’s fibrous structure or from coarse additions or voids in the stone. Generally, pigeon blood red is the most expensive shade of the rock. However, secondary hues of the rubies may include orange, violet, green, blue, purple, and pink. At times a three-ray, a six-point star is displayed by rubies-asterism when presented along with some lights. It is caused by light reflecting off the its natural rutile needles that aligned along with the facets of the crystals.

Rubies are either used for astrological, personal, or decorative benefits. Therefore, astrology has continuously been a supportive tool helping the individual native who sought answers with divine grace. Each of them is suggested only after a detailed examination of a native’s horoscope by an expert astrologer. The astrological science has further provided mythical solutions to every Individual.

Improves Health, Status, Fortune, and Leadership Qualities

When used in litho therapy may strengthen the bones. When embedded in a copper ring increases the body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D. Those suffering from ailments such as jaundice, indigestion, diarrhea, Tuberculosis, Pains, Boils, Ulcers, Eye troubles, Constipation, low and high blood pressure. It may cure minor, or significant common illness may solve the ailments by merely wearing the stone. The wearer believes the gem may alleviate skin problems. It is the remedy that warrants a permanent health solution. The stone is a semblance mark of monarchs, authority, and luxury; it improves the perception of others on the wearer. It signifies their wealth concerning the type, shape, and size of the stone. If someone is facing the monetary issues or business problems wearing this gemstone ring, it invites fortune and wealth in their life. The best quality ring of the stone once worn by couples facing issues in their relationship can improve communication and dispatches the negative thinking which inflames, Love, harmony, and happiness in a working relationship. Just like the Sun, it holds natural leadership qualities. Therefore those wearing this stone are guaranteed to get unlimited support and admiration from authority positions, the government, or/and administration duties. The gemstone is known to encourage carrier building, delight, and increase the governance skills of the wearer by helping the person against evil ghosts, spirit, and negative energies. It further helps in supporting a person to attain fame, reputation, and heighten their desired carrier.

Improves Confidence, Relationship, Focus, and Reduces Depression

Once one wears the stone, they easily overcome nervousness. Anyone that finds themselves to be hardly heard or in frustrating situations because nobody credits their opinion should wear it. The gem also increases the perceived power of an individual by making the person bold. It regenerates and re energizes the system by highly improving the striking and charismatic personality. It is an undying love epitome, the naturally deep intensity of the variety of colors in the stone instills the feelings of Love, warmth. It improves bonding in relationship and compassion in the heart of the one wearing it. Increases focus by making its wearer keen, sharp, alert, and agile. It aids in one attaining their set goals by reducing destruction and improving one’s focus. Therefore it can dissolve confusion. The heat concentration of the stone is said to rejuvenate the system of an individual who is susceptible to depression and lacks lustre. The stone helps in dealing with issues related to eyesight and blood circulation. It hence reduces body fatigue and the brain adequately supplied with blood, thus no stress leading to depression.

To get the real virtues and value of rubies, one need to take caution on the quality and authenticity of the stone. Mostly, synthetic gemstones do not display the same attributes as compared to the original natural rubies. To distinguish this, one needs to know the exact properties of the stone, or at an advance, stage seeks professional guide before purchasing. There are no unusual wear, or care or precautions are available when handling rubies. However, heavily included or fractured rubies are less durable; therefore, Clean these only by hand using warm, soapy water and a soft care brush.

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