Traveling to Australia: things you need to know before moving to it

Published on : 14 July 20213 min reading time

Have you ever considered leaving your home country to go abroad and live an expatriate life? Who has never dreamed of leaving everything to rebuild his life in an exotic country, or improve his English … And why not Australia? More and more modern day adventurers are taking the plunge and are moving to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Whether for work, to satisfy your thirst for adventure or to hit a kangaroo, discover our 10 reasons to go to Australia and not come back.

A summer climate all year long

This is true for some areas like the Perth area, southern Queensland or the Brisbane side. However, Melbourne has a harsh winter and the rainy season is raging in the North.

Paradise beaches

With more than 10,000 beaches, Australia is “the place to be” when it comes to enjoying the water and soft sand. Finally, be careful because jellyfish and sharks walk there …

A warm and cool people

Australians are relaxed and (very) under stress! “No worries mate” is their favorite expression. They are very helpful and easily lend a helping hand.

An effective health system

The Australian MEDICARE health system is of good quality. Attention to benefit you must live in Australia for 2 years, be a permanent resident (or about to become) or be from the United Kingdom, Finland, New Zealand … Being a citizen of the country, you get it automatically.

Traveling within the country

The advantage of going to Australia is that within the same country, you can both ride along Great Ocean Road to appreciate the beauty of the 12 Apostles (limestone needle sticking out of the water), have a drink at the Sydney Opera House and visit the vineyards of Barossa Valley near Adelaide. All this while staying in the country.

A harmony with nature and animals

Australia is the eldorado of animals (kangaroos, koalas …) and wilderness (tropical forests, snow-capped mountains ..). With more than 500 national parks on the island, Australia takes great care of its lands and wildlife. For example, only 400 people a year are allowed to visit Lord Howe Island to preserve its beauty.

A multicultural country

43% of the population is born abroad or has a parent who was born abroad: no risk of feeling like an “outsider” as long as one remains open and smiling.


Australians play European and American sports in addition to their own sports. Summer or winter, there is always something to do (cricket, rugby, baseball, football, netball …).

The coffee

On the coffee side, they know each other: it is not for nothing that the Starbucks chain has failed to establish in Australia. Of the 87 coffee shops opened, 61 closed.

Births of turtles

From January to March, baby turtles come up along the beaches and the show is magical! Organized tours allow you to observe this experience with the greatest respect for wildlife.

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