Go on vacation to Rome

We took advantage of a few days of rest to go on vacation, and on our trip between Paris and Amsterdam, make a stop in the beautiful city of Rome. A city where history and architecture are at the heart of cultural heritage.

Trevi Fountain

First meeting with Rome, it rains, it is not very hot, the month of November is faithful to its climate but contrary to what I would have thought, tourists are there. And in large numbers. Must believe that the city is a victim of its success summer and winter. Here we are at the edge of the Trevi Fountain, emblematic place of the city with the Coliseum. To be impressed by the vastness of the columns and the architecture is just the beginning, but a promising start, of a city with a unique architecture that exceeds all that one can imagine. There’s a crowd, the street vendors know it better than anyone else, they’re everywhere, “a little Polaroid smile for a souvenir near the fountains ladies and gentlemen?” a few drops begin to fall and we are pursued by an army of vendors umbrellas … Pretty funny at first, but slightly tiring at the end of the stay.

From the Piazza del Popolo to the Piazza di Spagna

Second day in the capital, the weather has not improved, not a bit of hope to see a small ray of sunshine today. We spend long minutes trying to understand the operation of the bus lines, our hotel is out of the way, we have to manage to quickly and optimally reach the city center and the various points we want to visit today, we ‘stop near Villa Borghese. Our morning walk will take us from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza di Spagna, where a parade plays sweet melodies. We mingle with the crowd, the stairs of the Piazza di Spagna faces us, this place is the meeting place for many visitors, by its beauty, its fountain and its majestic steps, famous, that we can see in many movies related to this city.

The Pantheon

We choose to continue the walk on foot, trying to get closer to the famous Pantheon. We walk along the narrow streets, towards the south, the architectural discoveries and monuments that we see, games of hide and seek, punctuate our exploration. It is a real pleasure to walk these streets, to discover its inhabitants, as a certain conquest of this city that you cross with impunity. Each pavement that we walk is an introduction to the next street, the pavement opens on large avenues, buildings and monuments always bigger, always more imposing. Each look on these stones is an initiation of which one delights. We travel a good number of kilometers, which transport us to Piazza Colonna, then, slowly, we get closer to the famous Piazza della Rotonda.
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