The latest ranking of Global Cities: the top 10

Published on : 13 July 20213 min reading time

How is such a ranking established? It’s simple: to determine how powerful a city is, the Mori Memorial Foundation’s Japanese Institute for Urban Strategies has analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of several important cities based on key criteria (economy, research and development, cultural interaction, habitability, environment and accessibility). The goal is to list the most influential cities, which attract more and more people but also companies and other creators…


In 2017, London celebrated its 5 years at the top of the ranking. A city that always attracts as much, be it tourists, students or entrepreneurs. However, the study was conducted before the Brexit and everything indicates that it could have unsuspected effects that may impact the ranking of the English capital.

New York

Of course, the only American city present in the top 10 is New York. The city that never sleeps and where there are 30,000 things a day. New York stands out particularly in the categories “research and development”, “cultural interaction” and “economy”.


Tokyo has moved upmarket in recent years, thanks to a reduction in corporate tax rates but also to the influx of tourists and the significant decline in the cost of living in general.


Tragically, the French capital has seen its tourist numbers drop as a result of the attacks that have also reduced the number of students and foreign residents. But Paris remains Paris and it’s a safe bet that it rises in power in the coming years to culminate at the top of this ranking!


Admittedly, in fifth place, Singapore is still doing very well, but the decline in employment and lower growth, jeopardize its “power” internationally.


Not great at the forefront in terms of the environment, Seoul is doing however against the honors at the level of research and development.

Hong Kong

The fact of finding Hong Kong in such a ranking is not really surprising as the city has long shown a dynamism and modernity that have largely contributed to its influence abroad. Hong Kong has been particularly focused on development and research and whose economy continues to look good.


Amsterdam is a good student destination. If not at the research level, where it is a little behind, it shines in all other areas and continues to make tourists, students and others dream…


It is thanks to its ability to offer a quality of life that Berlin has earned its place in this ranking. The city knows how to put forward assets concerning the environment, culture and research, even if it is clearly not the priority.


It is Australia that closes the march. Thanks to the quality of life of course, but also to the economy, which is in very good shape.

Madrid has something for everyone

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