On the right side of the Tiber lies the beautiful district of Trastevere

Rome is the capital of Italy and is located 30 km east of the Mediterranean Sea. The City has approx. 5 millions inhabitants and is one of Europe’s absolute main cities both politically and historically. Rome’s centre was in 1980 declared a protected area by UNESCO. The city was also the centre of the Roman Empire and today there are still many traces of the grandeur of time. Rome has its own special charm and ambience and with its wonderful climates the city shows itself from its best side almost all year round. There are a number of squares with small cafes where you can enjoy an espresso, artists who paint the city’s beautiful streets and lots of small good restaurants, which make the world’s best pizza. Tiber River runs through the Eternal City and it is recommended to enjoy a cruise in the evening and see the city illuminated. On the right side of the Tiber lies the beautiful district of Trastevere where you find the very special atmosphere in the city. Rome is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and if you have not visited Italy, the capital is a great place to start your holiday. We have compiled a list of “must-see” places on your city break in Rome.


Colosseum is probably Rome’s largest tourist attraction and it is something you shall visit on your city break to Rome. It is located in the southeastern part of town and you can get there easily by underground, which stops right outside the door. At once, you enjoy of an impressive sight and the Colosseum leaps instantly before the eyes. There is usually a flurry of activity around the Colosseum and there are plenty of conjurers and other forms of entertainment. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to get a picture taken with real Roman. Colosseum was used as amphitheatre to entertain Romans in gladiatorial battles – either against each other or against animals. It seems impressive from the outside and viewed from the inside, it’s even more magnificent. Here you get a good idea of preconception time barbaric matches. One can easily spend a couple hours inside Colosseum and can, among other things, come up to the top where there is a good view of the Foro Romano.

Foro Romano

Foro Romano was the middle of ancient Rome and the head of contemporary emperors. It was also the centre of politics, trade and public business. Many emperors had their own way left their legacy in the Foro Romano and there are also a few left today. But in many ways Foro Romano can be a real disappointing to many, most sites have either been destroyed or very badly maintained. So today you will find lots of ruins in the area and only a few sites well preserved.

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is typically Italian and is also situated in the heart of the city. The site is unique and is shaped like an oval racetrack, because back in the old days it was actually a racetrack. You will find an idyllic aura with artists painting beautiful pictures, acrobats, musicians and also plenty of restaurants and bars where it is recommended to enjoy the atmosphere.

Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica

The Vatican is located close to the river in the northwest part of town. The Vatican is the world’s smallest state with its 45 hectares and with approximately 900 inhabitants. Most of them are Italians and a large proportion are from Switzerland. The Pope is the Vatican’s religious leader and regent, while they also have a formal head of state. You will find plenty of beautiful sights in the Vatican and it is also possible to see the Pope speak from his balcony every Sunday if he’s home. You can also enjoy the beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica, where you can see the stunning dome decorated by Michelangelo and Peter’s tomb. Simon Peter was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. In the Vatican you can see the Sistine Chapel where the conclave is held when choosing a new pope. The impressive Sistine Chapel is also decorated by Michelangelo. The Vatican contains a wealth of great treasures of art and it is recommended to allocate time for this visit.

Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are located in Piazza di Spagna and leads up to the church Trinità dei Monti. Many wonder why the Spanish Steps are found in Italy and there is actually a simple explanation. It is just because they are located at the Spanish Square. The staircase was completed in 1725 and today it is still beautiful and maintenance and each day a lot of tourists gathering at the foot of the stairs, where you can see a fountain built by the famous artist Bernini.


Pantheon is the best preserved monument of ancient Rome and the remains are still to be seen in the middle of the city. Pantheon was built in the year 27 BC, but it was partially rebuilt again some years later. Pantheon was built as a tribute to all the gods. The wonderful dome is impressive and, with its 9 meters opening at the top, allows the light to fall into the church. In the Church there are also graves of contemporary kings and emperors.

Piazza Venezia

At Piazza Venezia you will see the famous monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. It was built in 1911 to commemorate the first king of Italy. It is situated in the heart of Rome and close to both the Foro Romano and the Coliseum and the square is perhaps one of busiest spots throughout the city. Many believe that the monument is misplaced since it is located right in the middle of a historically important area. The monument is worth a visit and then you can decide whether you like it or not. In the Piazza Venezia and the area around there are plenty of good restaurants.


Trastevere is the most popular area of Rome and it is also here where you can find a good nightlife, restaurants and bars. To get to Trastevere you must cross the river Tiber, and it is not wrong when they say that it is the Roman Quarter. Here you get a little away from the historic centre and away from what is normally characterizing a tourist area. The area has a charm that cannot find anywhere else in the city and there is a wealth of charming little streets and alleys. It can be especially recommended to try some of the many small restaurants and Pizzerias in Trastevere.

Sant Angelo

Sant Angelo fortress is situated close to the Vatican and operates today as Museum. The fortress was originally build as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian in 139, but since then the fortress have had several features such as the Pope’s residence. The beautiful bridge Ponte Sant’Angelo leads you across the Tiber River and directly adjacent to the fortress and from there you can see the top of Peter’s Basilica in the background. During a visit to Sant’Angelo you should not miss the beautiful view at the top of the fort.

The Trevi Fountain

The beautiful Trevi Fountain is located right in the middle of the city and finished in 1735 and attracts every day, lots of tourists. The Trevi fountain is essentially a desire well today and lots of tourists throw a coin into the basin in order to get a wish accomplished. It must be done with the right hand over left shoulder if you wish to have your desire fulfilled. The coins thrown into the pool will be removed once and week and goes to prove a definitive purpose.
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