The best accommodation type to opt for during a city stay?

While many holidaymakers associate holidays to the sea or the mountains, others prefer a stay in the heart of the largest cities in view of the many opportunities they offer. Want to go to the market as soon as you jump from bed? Want to take a little tour in the shops before leaving for a visit? Do you want to change before going out at night? With a city apartment, house or even cottage, your stay will be much more relaxed.

City apartment rental

By renting an apartment in the city like a vacation rental in London, you have access to an absolutely gigantic range of activities, from visiting museums to contemplating the architectural heritage, to leisure more fun or the meeting of a dynamic and varied population. Visit if you are interested in learning more about property rental in the UK.

European cities

In addition, the main European capitals have features as exciting as different, it is very attractive to discover by renting a studio in one of them: the Spanish lifestyle in Barcelona, the English culture in London, the modernity of Berlin, the sulphurous character of Amsterdam, the romanticism of Prague, the historical heritage of Rome, the prestige of Berne, the charms of Riga, the tranquility of Stockholm. With regard to the hexagonal territory, Paris is obviously the most popular city destination as it represents a veritable bubbling culture and architecture. However, beyond Paris, it is very pleasant to rent an apartment in other French cities that show real assets among which we can notably mention the sun of Marseille, the architectural heritage of Bordeaux, the authenticity of Strasbourg, the calm Clermont-Ferrand or the dynamism of Lyon.

Away from Europe

Then for those who are ready to rent a city apartment or house somewhere around the world faraway from Europe during the holidays, New York and its famous Statue of Liberty is a city whose vastness is majestic. Moreover, the discovery of the charms of Latin America by posing a few days in Rio de Janeiro Brazil or Lima in Peru, is quite wonderful. In addition, Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok are certainly the most representative cities to perceive the charms of Asian culture. Finally, we must not forget Oceania and the incredible city of Sydney, but also the African continent on which the fairy city of Marrakech is located.

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