Tha main reasons that encourages you to live in England

Here are the main reasons to leave to live in England; orange marmalade, fish & chips, green countryside, British accent and many more!

The optimism of the English

The English are incredible optimists! The glass, they always see it half full. They always have the right word, a smile on their faces and that, we like it!

A cosmopolitan country

England is a welcoming place for foreigners from all over the world. This cultural bubbling is fascinating! Hard to break away once you get used to chatting with people from all over the world.

English traditions

The English are very fond of their traditions and so much the better because we love them: on Sundays, sunday roast places. On the menu: meat and roast potatoes (or mashed potatoes), cooked vegetables, some Yorkshire pudding and a good gravy sauce. Another tradition that would be welcome in France: the afternoon tea with salmon and cucumber sandwich, scones with jams … and a cup of tea of ​​course.

The beauty of the country

From the city to the countryside, from the forest paths to the green plains … The English landscapes are bucolic and soothing. Cross a village and stop in a cottage for afternoon tea, that’s the foot!

The bars

Bars are not synonymous with drinking but after-work, active social life, fluffy couches and laughter. We come to pubs for a good time with family or friends.

The size of the country

The small size of the country makes England an accessible country. From the North to the South, from East to West, you can easily go to the sea, like going to London, Brighton … In addition, in two hours we are back on Paris thanks to the Eurostar.

The architecture

When we walk in the streets of London or the small remote villages, we marvel at the buildings, the houses and all the history they carry.

Job opportunities

England has a very low unemployment rate compared to France! Job changes are common so it is not difficult to find a job. To speak a minimum English is still a must.

The food

Between scotch eggs, bacon butties, lemon curd and other delicacies, the English have a nice panel of recipes that would be well under the palate.

The English language

Difficult not to melt on the spot when the British address us … This little accent is irresistible Beyond the accent, go to England and communicate with the English can evolve very quickly.
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