Laos: the city you absolutely must visit!

For those who decide to go at their own pace to enjoy in Laos, instead of having to follow the morning and fixed itineraries of a planned trip, we have for you a freer approach, outside the marked circuits. As Laotians say, take the time to watch the rice grow. Much more than the means of transport are well organized and enough to ensure your every move: ferry, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, tuk-tuk, local buses or VIP.

Vientiane and Luang Prabang

These two cities of Laos are very good destinations to better absorb the place and everyday life of Laos. By the way, most tourists land in Vientiane. In addition, they are very nice, just like their population. First, there are many guesthouses with very friendly staff. The owner of these guest houses often speaks French fluently. Houses or bungalows, you will be able to find in these places the comfort, the beautiful sight, the luxury and the service which you are looking for. Most have beautiful gardens and a beautiful view to give you a glimpse of the landscape of Laos: the river, vegetable gardens, peasants, children playing in the water, the monks who pass, in short the country life. Second, you will discover a multitude of good addresses, including terraces, bistros or small restaurants along the Mekong, to enjoy the local cuisine. Be smart, prefer places not frequented by tourists, but more by Laotians to find you in a local environment. Thus, the decor will be complete. There are also good addresses for western types when you want to return for a moment to your eating habits. In the evening, the restaurants on the banks of the Mekong will make you happy. These makeshift installations, but no less charming, appear from the afternoon, the materials being transported by tuk tuks. Grilled meats, salads, fish, meats and other delicious dishes are all cheap. You will also find takeaway food. Do not miss the reflexology sessions either. Enjoy an energetic, typically Laotian massage of the back or head. Tertio, you can rent bicycles, classic or mountain bikes, or motorbikes, at very competitive prices to visit the city and the surrounding villages. The roads are flat, so we do not get tired too quickly. Otherwise you can take a ferry that crosses the Mekong, its villages, fields and rivers. The trek among the minorities is also very interested to be able to mingle more with the population and to appreciate these idyllic landscapes of Laos. And why not a homestay of one or two nights? During your visit, you will be able to enjoy women’s hair and clothes, children’s games, schools and houses, etc. You will give them more pleasure by doing solidarity exchanges, for example by offering them something they need: sandals, blankets, etc. In addition, it often takes a guide who knows more about the area to visit in order to respect the manners, such as taking pictures that are often not appreciated at all. If you want to discover this country properly, contact a local tour operator in Laos to get a tailor made trip. See this site!

Vang Vieng

Part of the city is very noisy, continuous. Indeed, the open-air discos and local bistros are very popular with young people, especially Westerners. It is an atmosphere that can make you want to tourists, but not for long, because the back of the scenery is even more interesting. On the other side of the city there are many easy circuits for cycling, kayaking or tubing in one of the caves that surround them. The cave of the Blue Lagoon is particularly appreciated. For kayaking, it is necessary to spare the forces by stopping several times at the bars, also to cool off.
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