Istanbul: a multi-faceted tourist city

Istanbul is a fascinating city. It is a blend of Western and Eastern culture. Your stay in this city of Turkey is an opportunity to see monuments whose architectural style is splendid. The trip is an opportunity to know its history through the centuries.

What to see in Istanbul

If you are on vacation, you have to browse some of Istanbul’s heritage. The discovery can begin at the Basilica of Saint Sophia. It was once a mosque. It is now a museum that traces the country’s interesting past. The blue mosque will dazzle architecture enthusiasts. The interior of the building will leave you speechless. Then you can go to the sunken palace. It is positioned near the blue mosque. This is an old cistern that supplies portable water to palaces in case of scarcity. It is now used as a place of entertainment. You will be impressed to look at the jellyfish heads adorning the columns. While going to Tapkapi Palace, you will be informed of a part of the history of the city. This place was the residence of the sultans during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. You will be disturbed by the characteristics of the harem during the visit. It was home to over a thousand women. The Dolmabahce Palace is popular because it was the administrative district of the Ottoman Empire. Admiring the works in the building, you will not think about your car placed in the parking Roissy cheap. Istanbul’s grand bazaar is an interesting place. Tourists can buy jewelry, pottery, cheap stuffs. The district of Vefa is known for being the soul of Istanbul. Here, tradition still occupies an important place in the daily life of people. It is located in the heights. This place is accessible via the Galata Bridge.

Things to do in Istanbul

The Turks go to the princess islands to escape. In these islands, you will have the feeling of living in the old. Indeed, it is forbidden to use motorized vehicles. On the island of Buegazada, you can picnic with the family. The kids will be delighted to play in the water. If you like nightlife, you can have fun in Ortakoy. During the day, it is very populated by the inhabitants going to the mosques. It is home to trendy clubs. In case you can not enjoy the evenings, you can contemplate the sea of ​​Marmara. The night walk is a great way to clear your worries about the car parked in the Roissy car park.
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