Vintage shopping in Paris

Paris is one of those places where everyone can find something to do and to see. Whether it is a luxury city break, a gourmet journey or an artistic escape – everyone’s wishes will be fulfilled. How about a vintage shopping tour around Paris? This time we would like to give you a brief insight into Paris’ artistic face. We love Paris for its small antique book stores, second-hand shops and street markets. It is hard, if not impossible, to explain the atmosphere you find walking around narrow streets filled with vintage boutiques and small street markets. This atmosphere draws you in and you can easily “disappear”, strolling round for hours. Don’t even consider going there with someone who doesn’t like shopping! Even the tiniest shop can take a while to be walked through. Every shop is like a new chapter in a history book or a new story; it takes time to get to know. You will find everything here, starting with second-hand designer dresses, old letters, books, music records, unique handicrafts made by the lady working in the shop, and much more. Our favourite vintage district is the St. Ouen Flea Market. You will find thousands of sellers there. Some of them have their own shops; some just sell on the street. In fact, this is the biggest flea market in the world. Even though this is a vintage market and you can mostly buy second-hand things, ask twice before closing a deal because prices for some crafts can be sky-high. On the other hand, you can also find beautiful antique crafts or ornaments for just a few euros. In our view, the price here really doesn’t matter as for us most of the things that can be found there are priceless. We have to admit that we spent the whole day walking through the little galleries without buying even one thing, but we still had a great day. As we mentioned before, it is more about the atmosphere, about the culture, history and mystery that rules over all tiny vintage boutiques. And the photos you will take there (we bet you’ll take loads!), will always make you smile and help you remember the romantic atmosphere.

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