Montmarte Harvest Festival 2010 6-10th October

The Montmarte Harvest Festival in Paris, the Fête des Vendanges, is a time-honoured, traditional village fete that celebrates the yearly wine harvest of the local ClosMontmarte vineyards.

Many people do not even know that the capital city of France even has it’s own vineyard. But it does, and the wine is good. The Clos Montmartre vineyard is situated at 12 Rue Cortot; the first vines were planted in 1933 and now there are over 2000 which produce 27 varities of wine, although their speciality is Gamay and Pinot Noir. Wine from the vineyard is on sale locally in Montmartre and also in the vineyard’s museum.

Every year the local neighbourhood of Montmarte celebrates the harvest, which this year takes place from 6-10 October. The celebrations promise four days of good wine, good food, music and laughter. One of the highlights each year is the parade which takes places on Saturday, which features wine brotherhoods from all regions of France, who proceed through the streets of the 18th arrondissement paying homage to Bachhus, the god of wine, the parade normally ends up with a music concert in the Place de Willette.

There are local vendors selling artisan wares and fresh regional produce, street musicians and performers, exhibitions, wine tasting, oenology (study of wine) and gastronomy sessions, fireworks, children’s activities and the election and crowning of the Harvest Queen.

This year, for the 77th edition of the Montmarte Harvest Festival, the organisers have given the festival a ‘humorous’ theme, with musical comedy and theatre performances, which make light of Paris in the 18th century.

The festival is fabulous excuse to visit Paris in October, where you can enjoy four days of French wine tasting sessions, delicious gastronomy, music, theatre and lots more cultural delights.

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