Mercato Centrale in Florence

Like all cities in southern Europe, Florence also has a market where you can buy fresh food of high quality. Mercato Centrale in Florence has a buzzing atmosphere and is worth a visit if you are planning to go to the capital of Tuscany. Mercato Centrale in Florence is open Monday to Saturday between 7:00 to 2:00 p.m. and you can buy almost anything you desire of fresh fruit, meat, vegetables, cheese and bread. The quality is of high standard and you are automatically drawn to try all the delicious Italian ingredients. Not only the quality is great, but the prices are very reasonable and if you are on city breaks and have rented an holiday apartment in Florence, with its own kitchen, then there’s plenty of money to save by buying the food on the market and cooking at home. Prices in Florence are not among the cheapest in Europe. Whether you should buy something or not, then you must visit the Mercato Centrale, because the atmosphere is wonderful. This is of course here that the locals are shopping and many take the opportunity to buy a cheap meal in the restaurant, called Nerbone. Nerbone opened in 1872, so it must definitely be one of the city’s oldest restaurants. We can recommend trying Trippa, a specialty of Florence. In short, it is a burger with light spicy tripe (cow stomach). It does not sound especially delicious, but it can be recommended and it tastes heavenly.
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