Florence Marathon 2011

Like so many other cities in the world, Florence also has their own Marathon. It is not the same size as New York, Berlin and London Marathon. But this year Florence Marathon will be held for the 28th time and it is expected that 11,500 runners will participate. Marathons throughout the world has become bigger and bigger every year and for a lot of people exercise has become an important part of life and Florence Marathon is no exception as there have been an increasing amount of participants. Florence Marathon or Firenze Marathon is held every year on the last Sunday in November and when the start has gone the runners can look forward to 42,195 meters in fantastic surroundings in beautiful Florence. The route offers classic Tuscan countryside and when the race is approaching the centre of Florence, and then you can see all the attractions that have made Florence the world-famous: the beautiful Cathedral Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, the famous Ponte Vecchio and many more. The route of this year’s Florence Marathon has been changed slightly compared to previous years, but organizers promise that the course still retains its charm. Finish line this year will be in Piazza Santa Croce. If you are running Firenze Marathon, then it takes place this year on 28th November 2011.
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