The oldest cities in the world

The following cities are a testimony to the presence of man for nearly 12 millennia. It is shocking to see that “modern” warriors are putting some to fire and blood, seeking to remove the traces of our ancestors.

Damascus in Syria

Damascus in Syria was constantly inhabited since the tenth millennium BC. J.C. Cited in the Bible, it was the prestigious Umayyad capital. It is the oldest city in the world.

Byblos in Lebanon

Byblos in Lebanon was founded 5000 BC. J.C. Inhabited continuously until today, this city is today called Jbeil. The oldest traces date back to a Neolithic fishing village.  Jbeil is characterized today by its ancient fishing port.

Athens in Greece

Athens, Greece, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was founded 4 millennium BC. J.C. and would have been inhabited continuously for nearly 3000 years.

Luoyang in China

Luoyang is one of the four historical capitals of China. Founded in 2070 BC J.C. is a millennium before Xi’lan and Beijing. It was several times important during the history of the country.

Luxor in Egypt 

Luxor is a beautiful Egyptian city bordered by the waters of the Nile. Founded in 3200 BC J.C., the most impressive testimony of its history remains its temple with the unique obelisk. The 2nd is in the middle of the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

Varanasi (Benares) in India

Varanasi (Benares) in India was founded 1200 BC. JC. Bordered by the Ganges is the sacred Hindu city. Pilgrims go in the ghats (stone stairs) to bathe in the waters of the river. Cremations take place on the banks. A unique city in the world. Balkh in Afghanistan was founded in 1600 BC. JC. Astonishing: the city would have housed dozens of Buddhist monasteries according to several testimonies of the beginning of the seventh century.

Cholula in Mexico

Cholula in Mexico is the oldest city in the Americas. It was founded two centuries BC. JC while Mexico was only in 1325. Located at 2125 m altitude in the state of Puebla, it is at the foot of the Popocatepeti Volcano still active.

Jericho in the West Bank

The current foundations of Jericho in the West Bank date back to 9000 BC. JC. The ruins of twenty ancient and biblical settlements were unearthed by archaeological excavations on a hill called Tell es-Sultan. The city today has a population of about 27,000 inhabitants with refugee camps in the north west and south of the city center.

Jerusalem in the Middle Eas

Jerusalem in the Middle East holds a prominent place for the three monotheistic religions. Its occupation dates back to the Chalcolithic period as evidenced by the pieces of ceramic found on the site, or 3500 BC. JC

Tire in Lebanon

The history of the city of Tire in southern Lebanon dates back to 2700 BC. JC. It merges with that of Sidon.

According to the legend she would have received the visit of Herodotus, the Greek historian.

Tyr has kept prestigious assets: its Phoenician port, its baths, its racecourse and its archaeological sites.

Aleppo in Syria

Main city in northwestern Syria, Aleppo was founded 2 millennium BC. JC. Capital of the amorphous kingdom of Yamkhad, it was conquered by the Hittites in 1595 BC JC thus becoming an essential step for caravans circulating between Syria and Mesopotamia. This beautiful city is now hit by clashes that affect Syria.

Argos in Greece

Argos was founded by the son of Zeus himself. It is a Greek city located in the Peloponnese near Nafplion. Located at the foot of two citadels dating from antiquity, the city was founded 2000 years BC. JC. Excavations at Argos have uncovered Mycenaean walls, the remains of the temples of Apollo, Python, and Athena, as well as a theater.

El Fayoum in Egypt

Located in Middle Egypt, the city of Medinet El Fayoum occupies part of the former site of Crocodilopodis at an oasis fed by the Bahr Yussef, a channel of the Nile. Crocodilopolis was a famous city during the 12th dynasty, around 1750 BC. JC, before the Hyksos. The city today has 250000 inhabitants.

Plovdiv in Bulgaria

The foundation of the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria dates back to the Thracian period, ie in the 12th century BC. JC. Previous to Rome and Athens, Plovdiv is the 2nd oldest city in Europe still inhabited. Throughout history she has had several names: the village of Nebettép in prehistory,Trimontium under the Roman Empire and Eymolpia during ancient Greece.

Matera in Italy

Lamartine stayed there. The city of Matera in Italy is known for its “sassi”, troglodyte dwellings classified by Unesco. they have housed men since the Paleolithic until 1953.

The last inhabitants still had neither water nor electricity. Built on the top, the current city has 60,500 inhabitants.


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