The immersion of Brazilian cities

A country that suddenly attracts more and more tourists each year to discover the sublime landscapes that this country has to offer: unique places in the world to take full view!

Here is a small sample of the wonders of this beautiful country … Forward for the 10 must-see places in Brazil!

Rio de Janeiro Bay

Nicknamed the “Sugar Loaf” or Pao de Acucar in Brazilian, because of its funny rocky peak, this bay is undoubtedly THE most famous bay in the world … And we understand why!

Few places on earth allow, indeed, to look at such a city!

Culminating at 396 meters, it is reached by a cable car (or on foot for the bravest) and already this short trip is a journey all by itself … Once at the top, a huge and teeming megacity unfolds before you … Hundreds of buildings surrounded by green hills and golden sand beaches with mythical names: the famous Copacabana and Ipanema!

But besides these sublime beaches bathed by azure waters, you can also see from the summit of the Sugar Loaf, the other emblem of Rio: Christ the Redeemer, statue symbolizing today alone Brazil!

The Corcovado

Also located in Rio Bay, this mount is surmounted by the magisterial statue of Christ the Redeemer or Cristo Redentor in Brazilian. From here you will also have a breathtaking view of the city of Rio, its bay and the Sugar Loaf!

Carried out by the French sculptor Paul Landowski, among other things, from a simple religious monument to its beginnings, this statue has become the symbol of a whole country, attracting thousands of tourists every year!

The Lençois Maranhendes National Park

Located in the North East of Brazil in the region of Maranhao, Lençois Maranhendes National Park is one of the most unexpected landscapes of Brazil! This extraordinary landscape consists of a vast set of white sand dunes stretching over 70 km … The peculiarity of this desert? From spring to autumn, due to the tropical rains of this region, countless freshwater lagoons form in the hollow of the dunes… Clear and clear waters that attract hundreds of tourists and locals who come to bathe there and enjoy this almost supernatural landscape!

The Falls of Iguaçù

Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, these famous waterfalls have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1984 as natural wonders. And are part of the very select club of the most impressive waterfalls in the world, like its sisters of Niagara (Canada) or Victoria (Zimbabwe) … These falls, integrated into two National Parks (one Brazilian side, the other Argentine side) are actually a set of 275 cascades spread over about 3 km. This gigantic set spilling up to 6 million liters of water per second !!

The biggest part of the falls is located in the Argentine territory, and several circuits of visits via wooden footbridges have been arranged to approach closer to this incredible spectacle of the nature …

The city of Salvador de Bahia

Just his name evokes Brazil alone … Cultural cradle of the country, this city is in his image: mixed race! Indeed, the majority of its population being of African origin, the “Black Rome”, as it is nicknamed, is borrowed from a very marked African culture …  Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil, it is famous for its colorful houses, carnival, gastronomy and the art of capoeira …

The Amazon

Vast plain crossed by the Amazon river, this region of South America extends over several countries (Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador …) and of course Brazil! In this one alone, the Amazon covers 60% of the territory! Spread over several states of the north of the country, this huge green region is the lung of our dear planet…  There is an exceptional flora and fauna that make it one of the most important biodiversity reserves in the world!

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